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Innovation & Partnerships

Modern challenges require modern 

The building industry is ripe for evolution, driven by innovation and ingenuity. In 2023, HITT's internal research and development (R&D) team collaborated with our clients, partners, and subject matter experts to strategically invest in more than 20 research projects and initiatives that we believe can bring real, quantifiable change to our everyday work. 

Person wearing safety gloves with ipad and stylus
rendering of HITT's new HQ

Building for

the Future 

In 2023, HITT revealed plans for a new, net zero-ready headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia that will incorporate means, methods, materials, and technologies that aspire to redefine what's possible in construction. The headquarters will be a hub for education and innovation in construction as Virginia Tech has leased space for a Coalition for Smart Construction. The project includes a 100,000-sf photovoltaic solar canopy that will generate all energy needed for the building, 55,000 square feet of urban parks, outdoor conference space, and an interactive digital experience pavilion. Slated for completion in 2027, we envision a sustainable hub for innovation, education, and collaboration within the building industry and local community.

Rendering of HITT's New HQ
Rendering of HITT HQ and surrounding neighborhood
Rendering of planed HITT HQ
Rendering of entrance to HITT HQ and Virginia Tech Coalition for Smart Construction




Square Foot Building 


Square Foot Photovoltaic Solar Canopy 


Square Feet Dedicated to Virginia Tech Coalition for Smart Construction 


Energy Offset Expected 

Advancing Innovation in Construction 

At Co|Lab, HITT’s dedicated research facility, we’re designing, testing, and sharing ongoing R&D projects through new materials, methods, technologies, and procedures to solve some of the built environment’s greatest challenges. 

Co|Lab Research Bays


By The



Students, Industry Partners, and Association Visitors 


Educational Events 


R&D Mockups

at Co|Lab


R&D Partners


R&D Projects

Co|Lab interior

Harnessing the Power of 3D Printing 

In 2023, HITT pioneered one of the first 3D printing uses of Caracol’s Heron AM robotic arm in the U.S. By 3D printing prototypes, we can minimize waste, streamline labor processes, improve schedules, and promote the use of recycled plastics. 

3D printed wall at HITT Raleigh

To test possibilities for our new headquarters, we partnered with Additive Engineering Solutions (AES) to print smaller-scale 3D components for our Raleigh office’s renovated reception area.



Robotics for Safer Environments

We're embracing robotic technology to remove workers from potentially hazardous situations in confined spaces. HITT’s R&D team continued leveraging Spot, an agile mobile robot from Boston Dynamics, enabling superintendents to operate remotely and removing them from potentially hazardous environments. As the adoption of robotics in construction continues, we’re studying the reliability of robotic solutions in performing tasks including remote telepresence, reality capture, and safety inspections to ensure they become trusted and effective tools.

Using robotics such as Boston Dynamics' Spot removes workers from potentially hazardous environments.



Our dedicated subcontractor partners are an extension of the HITT team. We're committed to improving their experience by removing barriers to working on HITT projects and expressing our appreciation for their dedication and partnership. 


By The Numbers

construction worker shaking hands


Diverse Trade Partners 



Work Awarded to Diverse Subcontractors 


Subcontractor Appreciation Day Attendees 

group of HITT team members at Sub Day

Sub Day


Each year, we’re proud to host Subcontractor Appreciation Days at every one of our offices across the country to honor and celebrate our dedicated trade partners. 

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